A Little About Us......

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Two Up Labs was formed to help deliver and execute upon new business ideas. We provide a high performing, rapid delivery capability. We are high impact and deliver results. We build businesses and business models. We do proper product management and development. We like good design, but sometimes we sacrifice "looks" for backend functionality to get to market. We are lean and we are keen. We are not an outsourced body shop, so please don’t be surprised if we are not the cheapest in the market. However, we always deliver. We are thinking about corporate innovation and incubation...we don't mind sweat equity..but only if we are in control. To be honest we prefer to be paid, because we know there are a lot of tyre kickers out there who have grand ideas..but no idea :) 

I wanted to share a little more background on the team, how we operate and some of the projects that we have worked on and the businesses that we have been involved in. 

As is typical of the best Software Engineers, the team does not like to sing their praises or #grandstand. In part, that is my job, to develop new business opportunities and ideas. The team prefer to be heads down and working on the most interesting concepts. That definitely doesn't mean that they don't have their own ideas...everyone has ideas and side thoughts, gigs and opportunities. We actively encourage and look for that in everyone that we work with. People can come and go, but we always remain connected, particularly as the world becomes smaller and smaller and the community of quality talent remains tight. People's lives and circumstances change, but WE remain connected. We judge talent by their #github account and not by how many books they have published. We rely on #hackerrank tests to determine whether you really are full stack or a smoke stack :) 

Firstly, we have all come together from very diverse backgrounds and nationalities. When recruiting, we actively look for diversity and international experience. We look for talent that has lived, breathed and operated in different markets, verticals and that has delivered shit! Having said that, it doesn't mean we won't work with hungry young minds who are keen to learn and gain experience. We like challenging personalities and welcome debate, but ultimately we have to agree on a course of action for a product and business, and then just make it happen! No passive aggressive types harbouring insecurities or actively undermining projects....please....!!!  

Recently, we have collectively worked on the following businesses in different guises in Australia:

BrickX - A Fractional Property Technology Trading Platform

Republic Wealth Management / Spitfire.io - A Robo Advice and Superannuation Management Platform

Property Connect - A Rental Transparency and Property Management Workflow / Online Property Sales Platform

Beyond that we have done many other amazing things, both personally and professionally, but that is the current status of the bragging rights in Australia. 

The way we work is very open, trusting and collaborative. No one is micro managed, but we always engage with the end customer and scope and gauge requirements realistically. We always push back when expectations are unrealistic. Fixed quotations generally don’t deliver the right outcome, or at best an outcome. We have been around long enough to know that everyone changes their minds, particularly in the technology space...or more sadly they were out of their minds in the first place :)  What we prefer to do is scope a project, a suitable team and quote a month to month cost to ensure quality of delivery. We do sign an engagement contract however with an SLA and deliverables and project milestones!

We love - Jira and Slack and all the usual full stack Scala and React tools that we pioneered in the Australian market. This makes it hard to hire quality that doesn't already work for Google, Facebook or Atlassian. We prefer interesting startups, rather than those legacy businesses...we want to work with only those who are bored or frustrated with those corporate environments!

We prefer to work remotely, but always deliver and #commit. We prefer to be #bleedingedge, but having said that we can stand up a new project relatively quickly given the shared learning experience and frameworks that we now have from launching several different businesses and business models.

We are agnostic on sector, albeit we clearly understand #fintech and #proptech and know how to handle certain integrations with our eyes closed! These include AML/KYC, Credit Checking, Data Visualisations, Trading Engines, Bidding Engines, Accounting Platforms and many, many more.

So anyway, thats a brief insight into Two Up Labs, our methodology, the way we think, the way we deliver and engage with our clients and ourselves. #Alwaysbehavingfun #Alwaysbedelivering #Alwaysbechallenged!

We are always on the look out for #mindful #CTO's and organisations to work with. Hit us up at info@twouplabs.com